Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who Am I?

Hi! Tiger Lilly here!

I believe there has been some dispute on "who I am".

I am one of Horseluva4's best friends. I am from a different class. She introduced me to blogging, so I made this blog, and followed her blog, and everyone else that she was following, to try and find some other people to follow me too!

I didn't want to tell anyone who I am because then people might tell me that "This is OUR blog where WE chat! Not you!! Chat to someone else". Or something like that! I guess I'm just a coward!

So I hope that answers your questions!

Thanks for reading!

Tgr Lly
Hi! Tiger Lilly here!

I'm starting a kind of "feel good" quiz, OK?


What are you?

What's your favourite colour?:

Red: Beautiful.

Orange: Kind.

Yellow: Honest.

Green: Brave.

Blue: Athletic.

Purple: Smart.

Pink: Funny.

White: Adventurous.

Black: Successful.

Gold: Popular.

Silver : Trusted.

What's your favourite animal?:

Tiger: Destined for success.

Cat: Crazy and creative.

Dog: BFF.

Rabbit/Bunny: Sweetie.

Monkey: Animal luva.

Mouse/Hamster: Believer in magic.

Horse: Daring.

Which season do you love the most?:

Summer: Who always see's the bright side of a situation.

Autumn: Who never gives up.

Winter: Who is best friends with everyone.

Spring: Who loves something new.

Comment!! Tell me what you got!!

Thanks for reading!

Tgr Lly