Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hi! Tiger Lilly here!

I'm starting a kind of "feel good" quiz, OK?


What are you?

What's your favourite colour?:

Red: Beautiful.

Orange: Kind.

Yellow: Honest.

Green: Brave.

Blue: Athletic.

Purple: Smart.

Pink: Funny.

White: Adventurous.

Black: Successful.

Gold: Popular.

Silver : Trusted.

What's your favourite animal?:

Tiger: Destined for success.

Cat: Crazy and creative.

Dog: BFF.

Rabbit/Bunny: Sweetie.

Monkey: Animal luva.

Mouse/Hamster: Believer in magic.

Horse: Daring.

Which season do you love the most?:

Summer: Who always see's the bright side of a situation.

Autumn: Who never gives up.

Winter: Who is best friends with everyone.

Spring: Who loves something new.

Comment!! Tell me what you got!!

Thanks for reading!

Tgr Lly


  1. Hi, I'm green = brave
    horse = daring
    winter = who is best friends with everyone

    That's me

  2. I wonder who you are...
    When I was young I liked green and brown so I could hide during "go home stay home" and now I like black because of the All Blacks.
    Spring is a cool season because of new beginnings, but it also brings sneezing.
    Overcoming fear is important as it holds you back.
    I suspect I haven't read the task properly and am not answering your question properly.

  3. I am a popular animal luva who always see's the bright side of a situation

  4. I am honest, funny, popular, a beleiver in magic and someone who loves something new.

    I liked that! You should make more like that!


  5. Oh yea and who are you? Are you apaart of our class blog, or are you in our class but you've like diguised your self?