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The Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Hi! Tiger Lilly here!

I'm reading The Series Of Unfortunate Events at the moment. For those of you who don't know what this series is about, here, I'll tell you!

The Series Of Unfortunate Events.
By Lemony Snicket.

The Series Of Unfortunate Events, is about three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny.


Violet is the eldest of the three children. She loves to invent and build new things. Violet always ties her hair up when she's building, or just thinking hard about her next project. If you looked inside Violet's thoughts, about 97% of them would be about inventing alone! Violet is very mature and takes care of her younger siblings very well, as well as she can considering her circumstances. She is fourteen when the stories start.


Klaus is the middle child, his passion is reading. He's read about everything from dinosaurs, to trains, farming to law. And the special thing about Klaus, is that almost everything that he reads, he remembers! Klaus is probably the shyest one of the children. He is Twelve when the stories start.


Sunny is the youngest of the three children, it'snot stated exactly how old she is,but lets just say, she's a baby that's about one or two. Sunny dosen't know to talk in the first couple of books, so she just speaks in random phrases. Sunny later learns how to talk quite well. Sunny is known for her bite. She can bite through almost anything until it's in peices. If she likes someone she meets, she bite them softly on the hand, but if she dosen't she bites them a bit harder.

These three children are commonly known as " The Baudelaire children". In the first book, the Baudelaire children are told, by their old friend Mr Poe, that their parents have unfortunately preished in a fire. Mr Poe is the banker in charge of the "Baudelaire Orphans" Huge Fortune. The fortune is kept safe until Violet is of age.

The Baudelaire Orphans read in their parents' will, that they have to move in with a relitave. So they stay with Mr Poe for a while, until they find a relitave.Count Olaf, is a mean and nasty man, who plans to steal their fortune by marrying Violet in a play, but what the audience dosen't know, is that he has worked it all out so that it's real! He invites Justice Strauss, who is a lawer, to read out the lines, and he gets Violet to sign a peice of paper, so it'll be official, and he'll have their fortune to himslef!!! Incase Violet dosen't do what she's told, he kidnappes Sunny and hangs her from a tower. Luckily, just as Violet signs it, and Count Olaf lets Sunny go, she announces that she signed it with her left hand instead of her right hand, which makes it not right. Sunny is safe and so is their fortune, but unfortunately, Count olaf switches off the lights, and runs away. So off the Baudelaire orphans go, to another unknown relitave.

I'll tell you about the second book once I have read it!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this series!

    The books are soooo interesting and once you start reading you can't stop!