Friday, August 28, 2009

"Crazy Drivers!"

Hi! Tiger Lilly here!

Today something very exciting/scary happened. There are these people that live near us, that always speed up and down our street just to annoy us, and they are actually, pretty annoying!

They drive normally until they get to our house, and then they purposely do burn outs, when they know we're looking! Which is really annoying (again)!!

The police ended up there today, to have a talk to them! We had to be careful when we were playing soccer out the front! It was scary!!

Now, you may be thinking, "you'r street sounds unsafe!" but really, it's not! It's just that one house! So don't worry about me! I am , of course, "The Great Tiger Lilly". Ha ha!

Thanks for reading!!

Tgr Lly

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